Thursday, 23 June 2011

Not completely dead

Rumours of our demise may have been somewhat exaggerated. After a long time without practicing, playing shows or frankly doing anything band-related together, we finally both practiced and played a show all in the space of 48 hours last weekend.

We were lucky enough to be invited to play a show once again at Albany Road, Manchester, where excellent shows have been taking place for about two years now. It could be a little longer than that, but more to the point it is an incredible place to play a show, where all the bands are made to not only feel at home but like part of the family. They cook amazing food and basically throw the most incredible gigs/parties I've ever attended in the UK. So thanks to them, and all the other bands we played with on Saturday the 18th. I very much doubt the UK will see so many emo bands play one show at the same time (eight of us played!) for a very long time, if ever again.

There was a rumour that the aforementioned show would be our last. It absolutely was not. It may well be our last in a while, as is the way things are these days, but we fully intend to keep doing stuff with the band as and when we can.

You can still buy our records from a few places:

Split 7" with Twisted:

It Is True, It Is Shakey LP & Split 7" with Syn*Error:

We are currently in the process of remastering everything we have released from Claim onwards - i.e, what we still have the masters for - which will be released for free. Keep an eye on this blog/and or 'like' us on Facebook for updates on this.

The first of these remasters is our second LP, It Is True It Is Shakey. You can hear them on YouTube below, but we will be uploading 320s and .wavs in the near future:

Other things we are up to right now as follows;

  • La Boite Diabolique - poppy post-punk band with reverb, they have a demo tape out on Coffee Beat Casettes, which is Joe and Phil's - who plays bass in LBD - casette label. They also have a 7" which will be out on SNCL at some point in the near future.
  • Littlefoot - Joe's moniker for his DJ'ing and production of garage/weird laser music. He has an ep out on Well Rounded records, which is a fantastic label releasing some of the most forward thinking dance music around right now.
  • Sneinton - Joe's new band, they sound like sad summer evenings alone with a luke-warm beer. Part of the summer band challenge.
  • Bird Calls - groovy, up-tempo emo. Now with added breakdowns. Absolutely brilliant band featuring not only James, but ex-Twisted drummer Max on guitar and Sam Knight of being in 800 bands fame. You can hear their tape, which is available from Art For Blind, here.
  • Lost Tapes From The Federal Sessions - I may have a vested interest in this (I designed it), but this is a fucking great 'zine. It's now sold out, but we're talking about doing a second issue. Considering the amount of time and effort that went in to producing issue one, I'm not sure any second issue will come to fruition in the near future, but who knows.
  • Illustration - I've mostly been concentrating on drawing rather than music. I recently released a 'zine called 'Real Men: The Lost Art of the Football 'Tache' which you can buy from my website. I've also done t-shirt designs for the incredible Human Hands and Sofa King.
  • An as yet unnamed and unpracticed band with Rob and Chaz of Human Hands, part of the summer band challenge.
That's about it. Thanks everyone who still takes even the mildest passing interest in our band. Thanks to all those who travel to shows, who release records and keep our scene alive. Mad love.

All the best,

Thursday, 11 November 2010

WP,W? YouTube vids compiled

Guildford 2010 with Empire! Empire! I was a Lonely Estate. Song: Capitulation.

Bournemouth 2009. Song: Paintings.

Manchester basement show 2009 with Twisted. Song: Wycombe Wanderers Versus Queens Park Rangers, 1-2 away win, Patrick Agyeamang and Gavin Mahon scoring for the Rs, 9:30pm - 1:30am.

Paris 2007 with Syn*Error. Song: USA (Reagan Youth)

London 2008. Song: ??? (a new song we never played again or recorded).

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

March 2011 - Syn*Error and What Price, Wonderland? in Europe

We are extremely excited and happy to say we're going on tour in mainland Europe again next year! and once again with our buddies Syn*Error. This is in the VERY early stages of being booked and has come together very quickly so we are looking for help pretty much ANYWHERE between 17th - 26th March 2011 but this is the route we are planning/places we'd like to visit:

(14/03 hamburg) Syn*Error only
(15/03 münster/bielefeld) Syn*Error only
(16/03 köln/dortmund) Syn*Error only
17/03 amsterdam/groningen/utrecht/nijmegen (NL) - incl. pick up
18/03 NL/ antwerp/liege/gent (B)
19/03 B/ paris/lille/reims (F)
20/03 F/ basel/ geneve/ zürich (CH)
21/03 torino/milano/brescia (I)
22/03 CH/ innsbruck/ salzburg (A)
23/03 A/ bratislava (SLK)/ brno (CZE)
24/03 CZE/ dresden/ leipzig/munich (GER)
25/03 GER/ krakow/ wroclaw (PL)

so as you can see, every date but one we need help right now, so if you can help us out or pass this on to someone who may be able to, it would be much appreciated.

if you think you can help us out:

thanks! looking forward to meeting new people and meeting old friends again in 2011. so excited.